What Up !

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mushroom swiss

Manchester United's playing at bukit jalil tomorrow. yes, you'll see me there. kaka didn't want to come since she's not fond of manchester united. so tomorrow i'll be with fareq, haziq, shishi, zhafran and hazim. going there in 2 seperate cars. mine and haziq's. hold up, going to grab some snickers.

okay i'm back. want to see one tree hill so bye, take care.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


"Two little dicky birds sat on a wall,
one named peter the other named paul. Fly away peter, fly away paul. Come back peter, come back paul."
woke up with the sound of fareq snoring. i should consider living alone now. went through the daily routines. coffee, cigarettes, how i met your mother, guitar recording and assignments. then fareq suggested to crash by zhafran's house. strum a few songs with his new bulls eye Gibson Les Paul. i'm off now, going to soho. take care.


Okay now what am i doing here ? kaka forced me to create a blog to keep her updated on my daily feeds. hmm. so yeah, i created one.

today is haziq and shishi's two year anniversary. so ummmm congratulations (akward silence) okay i'm not good at this.

signing off now, take care.